How much room do you need?

The footprint for the setup is roughly 10’ x 10’. The Selfie Stand itself is roughly 60” x 24” x 8” but needs some distance between it and the backdrop. A table is needed for the equipment and another for props if requested.

What service are included in the price of rental?

Almost everything. Let’s face it, we all like things to be kept simple. The package prices given cover the entire package selected. The only additional costs incurred are deviations from the package list. Things like special props, decoration requests, items on our Premium List, etc. All costs will be discussed and listed out before we come to an agreement. Please visit our PRICING PAGE.

Are there attendants that accompany the booth?

Yes. At least one, but usually two, experienced attendants will manage the booth for the entire time and are included in the price of the rental.

What areas do you cover?

Although we generally limit the distance to 50 miles, if there is a special event that we can work out travel and if you make it worth our while we are open for the discussion!

Do you need internet access?

A Wifi or Ethernet connection is required if you plan to upload, email or text pictures immediately from the photo booth.

Do you charge extra for set-up and take-down?

No, all costs are included.

Do you need electrical access? If so, how many outlets do you need?

Just one. If this be an outdoor or remote event there may be an option to use a generator, but we prefer not to trust our expensive equipment to a generator.

What type of printer do you use?

I need more info… Photo strips print instantly.

Do you require a lunch/dinner break?

Normally no if the booth rental is just two hours. For an all-day/longer event there would be arrangements made that are mutually agreed on for some kind of break.

Can you include a pause in your service?

It is possible to put the booth "on hold" for a bit while your guests eat dinner or your company conducts its meeting, there may be a $50/hour charge added to the cost. The booth will not be in use during this time, but an attendant will still be available.

My guests are having tons of fun! Can I purchase additional hours?

Absolutely! If the decision is made to extend the booth rental, additional hours may be purchased for $150/hour.

What props do I get?

We have some of the standard props such as crazy fun wigs, big and interesting hats full of character, quote sticks with funny sayings, mustaches and ridiculously large glasses. During our arrangements discussion, you may request special props. If we can easily obtain them we will make every effort but if the requested props are unusual or costly those costs may be passed on to you.

Can I bring my own props?

Of course you can! There is nothing more personal and custom than using your own props to match your event. Share your props ahead of time so they can be set-up before your event begins.

Do you give discounts for multiple rentals?

Ok, let’s talk… return customer are our favorite kind! Not only do we appreciate the relationships we build but knowing how each other works takes the stress off both of us. Secure our services more than once within 6 months, we'll give you a 20% discount on the second rental.

Do I get pictures instantly?

You do. We will discuss what type of photos you would like for the attendees immediately and another photo requests you have.

What types of backgrounds can be used with the green screen?

Anything, really! The only request is that if you provide the background graphic it should be a very high quality. Lower quality backgrounds do not look good when used and again, we want your event to be a success. We will research backgrounds once we discuss your theme and then share what we come up with.

How do I reserve Silicon Valley Selfie for my event?

Please fill out the contact form on this website and send it our way. Be sure to indicate what package or add-ons you are interested in. We will get back to you right away!

What if I change my mind?

We require a $300 deposit to reserve a date for booth rental (which is applied to the total cost of your rental). Cancellations within 30 days of your event will result in a lost deposit. If you decide to switch rental dates, please do so within 60 days of your previously scheduled event but no later than 30 days before your event in order to avoid any fees. We cannot guarantee that your new date will be available.

Can Silicon Valley Selfie help us raise money for our nonprofit, group or organization?

We sure can! Please CONTACT US for discuss how we can help.